Applying prosthetics | Male to female. Molitutu (the founder) as model
Taylor, Molly and Carmen. Female maskers.

A Small Dedicated Business Driven by Passion and Pursuit of Perfection

We are a group of maniacs. We are fetishists.

Having started Moli’s Studio back in 2012, I see huge changes in the niche needs for crossdressing. The inner needs for being perfectly disguised stay put, but everyone wants to be ever better in terms of everything regarding transformation. Many are tired of stiff silicone doll face masks and constantly dreaming of walking outside their places in a total different identity, without anyone even noticing. Regular makeup doesn’t always help to change the fact. Therefore, I established MoliFX Studio in 2021, fully dedicated to changing the game for all.

MoliFX has a team of experienced experts full of passion. We introduced our first SFX class female silicone mask “Molly” on 1 NOV, 2011, which made famous in the world of masking. Apart from that, we have also come up with prosthetic makeup service for those who want to have professional feminization experience. MoliFX has an exclusive studio house in Shanghai, China that guarantees absolute privacy for all customers.

Being a crossdresser as well as a female masker gives me a deep interesting perspective of what masking and MtF disguise means to the big yet hidden community. It’s MoliFX’s mission to always pursue the perfection.

Making mold for Molly S mask at Moli’s Studio ie Lady-booth


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We are affiliated to Moli’s. is owned by Moli’s Corporation (Shanghai) Co,LTD., known in Chinese as 上海莫丽斯实业有限公司, a registered company founded in 2012 in Shanghai, decicated to offering online and offline service and products for crossdressers, fetishists and drag queens. We are based in Pudong New District, Shanghai, with a group of experts in SFX products developping, styling creation, Zentai customizing, and fetish culture preaching. 

We own a workshop of Zentai production in Inner Mongolia, China, dedicated to Moli’s Zentai production for over 12 years since 2010. We also have full copyrights of brands including Moli’s, Inthemask, Moli’s Zentai, NEOGAN as registered trademarks.

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