Does Devil Luxuria Outshine All Other Masks?


Devil Luxuria

We introduced Luxuria back in last November, as the first character of the new series “the deadly 7 sins” that belongs to the new category “SecondFace”. She is the incarnation of “Lust”. She was initially designed to have only one appearance, which is a seductively beautiful woman in gothic gown and red wavy hair. We spent nearly half a year designing her exclusive outfit and turning into production. We wrote stories about her and devised her background. She has been a star in every way.

She’s been extremely popular since then. Till now we still have over half of the orders to be fulfilled. However, she is not yet half satisfied. We want her to be seen as much as she could, for we know she deserves it. We rented a professional studio for her and her human persona, so they could do anything possible to allure you.

Youtube channel “Inthemask by Moli’s”

Luxuria has one apprentice, and people call her only by her alias “The Nun”. The Nun is coming soon on and We will constantly update on our social media.

Order Luxuria now and impersonate her!

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Does Devil Luxuria Outshine All Other Masks?

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