Lockdown Predicament


I promised to release the new Molly S mask on 15th May, which obviously turned into a real slap in my face for being too optimistic towards to the situation my city has been currently in. I secretly changed the debut date to 15 June in the hope that it would have left enough space for the whole team to figure out what the maneuver to take during the 30 days.

And this is what we have come up with.

All the details will be left to be told when the finish product is done. But here is one preview I’d like to share with you: we’ve added a MoliFX logo sign on the back of the mask. It looks like this:

However, the sign itself should have been mirrored in which way the mold can be made with an upfront logo instead of a mirrored one. Not sure if you get it and here is the 3D render design.

Life is already hard. I am printing this small piece for the 3rd time XD

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Lockdown Predicament

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