Molly In The Garage


“Molly” represents more than the very first mask with full dedication to SFX details by MoliFX, but also myself, founder of Moli’s Studio. People know me via different identities – crossdresser, entrepreneur, or a son to his father, hence the aliases such as Molitutu, Moli, and Miao Zhu. I hope the correlation in pronunciation will help potential maskers understand what’s behind the product.

This photo shots took place in the garage of the studio. The album featuring me in Molly mask was basically the debut of Molly in full outfit. I posted some preview pictures right after the shooting on my Instagram and Twitter with great excitement as I just couldn’t hide my high mood for releasing the final look in time. There you go:

Going blonde highlights the facial traits of Molly – she’s designed from day one to be Caucasian. There are quite a few interesting techniques in order to render the perfect blend between real face and the silicone mask. I’d like to share more stories about design and prototype behind Molly in the blog posts to follow.

I decided to go a bit wild for a day look – from top to bottom, Nocrinth Bodysuit inside the velour coat, smoothly covering my I cup breastplate of Zero Touch and balancing out the size not to be too blatant; Leather corset had its laces pulled to the max to match the hip curves; Lace gloves are simply omnipotent when it comes to disguise, as it blends out seams and pores. Over-knee stockings are rare for commute wear, but who would say no to them?

I drove off in the baby Range Rover. I was not sure if all my intimate neighbors and security crews recognized this hot blonde. Probably not, with a good stare at my body figure and face, I suppose. They already knew good looking girls just comes and goes, in and out of our studio, like any other photography booths.

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Molly In The Garage

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