MoliFX | Molly S “Daily Beauty” Makeup Style SFX Silicone Female Mask


Molly S” now has a new premade makeup style – Daily Beauty.

It comes with standard makeup of up-to-date eyelining and eye shadow. We also bring the new lips color and highlight of the nose tip and cheecks for a younger yet sexier look.  The contour of shades stays permanently.

Molly S” is a new silicone mask by MoliFX studio succeeding the precious Molly, bringing significant modifications and reduced head circumference for a better fit for most.

  • Molly S has a standard head form circumference of 49cm, making it a great fit for anyone whose head circumference is between 54-59cm. It is also compatible for those who are slightly under or over.
  • We are introducing new compound materials for Molly S that surpass all your imaginations possible for a silicone female mask. It never separates out silicone oil which makes the mask become unusable, and it has increadble flexibility simultaneously.
  • Nose is equipped with aluminum pieces for strong support and adjustments of pupil distance.
  • It is designed for 24 hours wearing and public masking.


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Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm
Skin Color




Mask Type

To chin, To collarbones


Daily Beauty Style


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