Часто задаваемые вопросы

Shopping Information

Какие способы доставки доступны?

По умолчанию мы доставляем через DHL, UPS или FedEx, в зависимости от наличия в стране/регионе назначения. Мы выполняем все заказы авиа-экспрессом вместо стандартной морской перевозки. Стоимость доставки автоматически рассчитывается системой по весу и размеру посылки на странице оформления заказа.

How Long Will It Take To Have My Package Shipped?

The arrival time depends on various causes. Usually we ship orders of custom items within 4 weeks on average. In relatively slow seasons we ship faster. A notification with tracking info will be sent once the package leaves the warehouse via email. You can always keep track of the latest news of your order.

Вы отправляете на международном уровне?

Мы отправляем по всему миру, хотя некоторые страны/регионы недоступны из-за политики доставки. Все расходы по доставке рассчитываются в зависимости от пунктов назначения. Мы отправляем с нашего склада/студии из Шанхая, Китай. Вот некоторые из стран/регионов, до которых мы пока не можем добраться:

  • India
  • Africa
  • North Korea

Can I Have My Package In Stealth? I Don’t Want Others To Know From The Otuside.

We know it the best. We always keep the minimum info on the outside other than necessary. Also for customs declaration reasons an item name is mandatory. We will declare all items under regular categories, such as “party toys” and “novelty costume”. Please let us know your specific requirements via email.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We recommend PayPal as primary payment method, as it is secure and easy to use. You can sign up for an account at www.paypal.com, and it supports most credit cards and debit cards. Currently we don’t accept Cash On Delivery or Direct Bank Wire.

In What Currency Are All The Products Shown?

All prices are shown in USD. Via PayPal, you can make payments in your own currency, such as Euro, and PayPal will convert it in intraday exchange rate to USD.

Orders and Returns

How Do I Place An Order?

There are 2 ways for placing an order with us at MoliFX.com:

1: If there is a single product you would like to purchase, you can directly click the PayPal button in the product page with all options selected. The buttons WILL NOT SHOW if options are left unchosen.

2: You can also simply add desired products to cart with the Add to Cart button and check out together at anytime. Check your cart in the upper right corner too if you want to have a look at current list.

Do I Need An Account to Place An Order?

For minimum disturbance and pleasant shopping experience, MoliFX does not require registration for purchasing. Anyway, you can always sign up and keep a record of what you put in the cart and manage addresses and personal info. We don’t keep your privacy, as our Privacy Policy shows.

What Is Your Contact Info?

Please feel free to let us know your questions regarding our services and products! You can get to us via:

molis@lady-booth.com (Customer Service Inbox)

miaozhu@lady-booth.com (CEO of Moli’s Studio)

How Do I Track My Order?

A notification with tracking info included will be sent to you once your order leaves the warehouse. You can follow the info and track your order then!

Как я могу отменить или изменить свой заказ?

Once an order is placed, it remains permanent and unchangeable. The return policy is elaborated in our Terms & Conditions page. If you would like to issue a refund anyhow, please write to us via molis@lady-booth.com.

Can I Come To Visit Your Studio And Place An Order On The Spot?

We welcome all customers to visit our studio on open days. Please make sure you can make a reservation with us via molis@lady-booth.com, and tell us more about you and your visit schedule.

Our studio is located at Zhoukang Road, Zhoupu Town, Pudong District, Shanghai, China.

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