SecondFace by MoliFX | “The Nun” Ahegao Special Makeup Silicone Female Mask

1ТП2Т11ТП3Ц – 1ТП2Т21ТП3Ц

Limited makeup version “Ahegao” is now available till sold out. We have only 10 of 10 pieces ready for those who are obsessed with this innocent yet horny Nun.

Артикул: Н/Д Категория:

Вес3 кг
Габариты35 × 35 × 30 см
Макияж, мириться

Ahegao, Freckles

Тип маски

Laces at the back


Wig for Ahegao, Ahegao Edition Skirt, No dress up, Wig and Outfit

Mouth Type

Open Mouth, Mouth closed


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