What Does It Feel Like to Walk in the Crowds in the Most Populated Metropolis in Mask?


Shanghai has been notorious recently for the strict lockdown policy due to COVID-19. As one of the biggest cities in the world it is just hard to imagine how it looks and feels when a street that used to witness 1 million tourists a single day has no shops open and no one passing on for a couple of weeks. Sitting at home makes me feel isolated. And I am now taking a look back at how East Nanjing Road, the most famous commercial street in Shanghai featured a masked beauty in the crowds.

The casual walk right followed a video live streaming that just ended – most of you can see the playback of live streaming in my YouTube channel(though in Chinese XD). It was during Chinese New Year holidays at around 10:00 o’clock. I dressed up like a random expat lady in Shanghai with blonde lace wig on and a black air mask over the silicone mask. Call me Mrs. Double-masked.

I was wearing a leather corset inside the coat, which kept kind of lifting my dress underneath and revealed my disguised private part. I am not a exhibitionist. So I decided to take a break and sort it out:

Zara Flagship Store, Shanghai.

Along the street there were quite a few people wandering around. I was surprised that every 100 meters there were policemen on patrol, especially on a holiday night. They held their phones right in front of me as if I didn’t even exist, trying to take pictures of an exotic sexy blonde. Well at least that was what they thought who I was. I heard them whispering that I was just too “outstanding”. Not sure if it was a compliment.

Right at this crossroad I was about to take a left and head to the hotel. A policeman in uniform stepped right up. I knew he was a bit nervous because he didn’t even dare look at me in the eyes. The avoidance of eye contact led his curiosity to one of my homies 5 feet away and there he goes:

“Is she a foreigner? Rare to see them in pandemic time.”

I heard him so clearly that I put up a smile and politely said: “Yeah I must be :)”

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What Does It Feel Like to Walk in the Crowds in the Most Populated Metropolis in Mask?

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